What is HVAC?

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These days, HVAC or heating, ventilation and air conditioning system are considered as one of the most essential requirements for most homes. Basically, an HVAC system is used for regulating the room climate. It can also regulate the airflow inside a building. One of the main advantages of such an instrument is that it helps to keep the room temperature at a constant rate which will prevent the growth of unsafe organisms inside the room.

It is found that these systems play a very important role in the modern life as far as living comfort is concerned. Even though such systems consumes a good amount of electricity, the comfort attained by the installation of such a system usually outweighs its running cost. As a matter of fact, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are most commonly used in large buildings. But, these days even individual homeowners have started to install these systems in their homes as they believe these systems have become a basic necessity these days and are not a luxury anymore.

One of the main functions is heating. This function helps you to regulate the room temperature according to your preference in a similar way as an air conditioner does. The only difference here is that, in heating, the room temperature gets increased. The main point to note here is that unlike an air conditioning system, which can only decrease the room temperature, a system regulate the temperature according to the weather outside. If it’s too cool outside, the room will get heated and if it’s too hot outside the room will get air-conditioned. Another important component is its ventilation system which automatically helps to clean and adjust the air flow from outside. Another function is Air Conditioning which will help you to keep your room clean and to maintain a cool temperature inside.

HVAC CertificationIn case, you are interested and aspire to become an expert in this field, make sure to get the required HVAC certification in this field. Acquiring such a certification will actually make sure that you are equipped to take care of both residential and commercial systems. But in order to obtain such a certification, you will need to attend various classes and also pass the state-mandated certification exam. For people who are interested in this field, a time limit of six months to two years is given to complete the classes. The right to offer such courses rests with NATE (The National American Technicians Excellence) and EPA (The Environmental Protection Agency).

HVAC engineers can be broadly classified into four: –

  1. Type 1: Certified technicians will be given training in servicing small domestic appliances such as geysers, washing machine, etc.
  2. Type 2: Certified technicians will be given training in in the service and disposal of commercial refrigerators and residential air conditioners.
  3. Type 3: Certified technicians will be trained to use low-pressure refrigerants for their job.
  4. Type 4: Certification is also called as the universal certification. This certification is necessary if you plan to specialize in more than one area of the trade.

So, make sure to choose your area of expertise, and get certified accordingly if you want to pursue a career in this lucrative industry.